Compare and contrast the social and medical models of disability.

1. Compare and contrast the social and medical models of disability2. Should we edit the human germline?3. What ethical issues are raised by organ transplants?4. Is there an important moral difference between therapeutic and reproductive cloning?Pick one question. For that question, you need to find five sourcesFor each source, provide a clear citation (ie the title, who wrote it, where and when it was published). In addition, you need to summarize the article’s argument and say why it is relevant to the question. (If you wish to provide a bibliography for a different question, clear it with your tutor first.)You need about 250 words per entry. Aim for 1200-1300 wordsGrading criteria: Specifically and briefly, your job is to explain why the sources you have chosen are relevant to the question. (Something can be relevant to the question even if it does not directly address it.)

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