Karl Marx & Friedrich Engels Manifesto of the Communist Party (1183-1202).

https://activistmanifesto.org/assets/original-communist-manifesto.pdfIf not let me know. 1. What is history really about? 2. Marx says modern capitalism has a simplified class structure in comparison to older societies. What are the different classes of modern capitalism, and, how are they defined? 3. Briefly explain five of the changes from feudal to capitalist society a. b. c. d. e. 4. What does Marx mean when he says that “the executive of the modern State is but a committee for managing the common affairs of the whole bourgeoisie” (1186)? 5. On 1190, Marx says that “the proletariat alone is a really revolutionary class”. Explain what he means by this claim. 6. Explain four of the many factors that Marx thinks makes the proletariat the only really revolutionary class (1189-1191). 7. Copy out, and explain in your own, words the “mission” of the proletariat (1191). a. Marx’s words: b. Your own rephrase: 8. Why is the bourgeoisie unfit to be the ruling class? 9. What is the “immediate aim” of the Communists? 1192 10. Marx says that the Communists aim to abolish the bourgeois form of private property, but do not aim to abolish all property. Explain. 11. Explain why Marx thinks “bourgeois freedom” is deficient. 1193 12. Explain how Marx responds to the following objections to Communism: a. Idleness b. Loss of culture c. Abolition of the family d. Abolition of nations e. Religious, philosophical, ideological objections 13. Which of the ten policy measures recommended by Marx (1195-6) have we adopted in 21st century United States? 14. Quote, and then explain the meaning, of the last sentence of Section II (1196) a. Marx’s words: b. Your explanation:

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