Why are there still people starving today?

Food and water scarcityHow can we help those who can’t afford a mealYour audience for this assignment is a general audience of people, some of whom might be sympathetic to your argument and some of whom may not be. Your purpose is to argue that some problem is being caused by one or more things and that some change should occur in society, not to convince your reader, or any one person, to do or not do anything in their own life. With this in mind, avoid the 2nd person pronoun “you,” as in “you should not break laws,” which assumes that your reader might break laws and can therefore sound insulting. Instead, compose your essay in the 3rd person point of view and say things like “one should not break laws that are intended to….” For this essay, unlike essay 2, you should also avoid the first person point of view, “I,” “me,” “my,” since this can make you sound more biased than you are: “In WW2 Japan did X, and we did Y.” Instead stick to the 3rd person point of view: “In WW2 Japan did X, and The United States did Y.” Your evidence for this essay should be statistics and other facts from relevant, reliable sources, although it can contain anecdotal evidence (personal experience) if someone experienced something relevant to the topic.Your research question should focus on cause and effect (how and why this problem occurs) since we can’t fix a problem if we don’t know what’s causing it.Conduct research using the internet (.govs and .edus) and scholarly sources from the library databases, and locate relevant, reliable sources that will help you attempt to answer your research question (how and why the problem your are researching is happening).

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