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Referencing the workshop resources, write a response to each question set, What type of retirement do you feel should be available to most Americans? Should it be the individual’s responsibility to bring that about, or should a certain level be guaranteed by governmental policy?Check the websites of several nursing homes in your area. If you can, visit a few of them. Try to find at least one that has higher costs and one that has lower costs. What differences do you see in the apparent quality of care? How would you feel about placing a relative of yours in one that costs only what Medicaid reimburses?Reflect on your own future retirement. How confident are you that you will be able to maintain a lifestyle similar to or better than the one you currently have? What steps have you taken to make your hopes a reality?What policies are in place locally and nationally to support the aging? Are they sufficiently funded?How could you advocate for more services to allow people to “die with dignity”?

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