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We’ve all wondered these questions when prompted to agree to online “terms and conditions”… Are we really expected to read the fine print? What exactly are we agreeing to when we click “I accept”? And, do we really have a choice about accepting if this is the only way to gain access to a website?Many feel tech companies are abusing “terms and conditions” by purposely burying language in the terms that is disadvantageous to consumers. Read THIS (Links to an external site.) download article in the New York Times from January of 2021 where the Times recommends new rules and regulations to protect consumers. HEREActions is a pdf version of the article. After reading the article, answer the below questions in the text box that will appear when we submit the assignment. Remember to write your OWN WORDS– no points will be awarded for copying and pasting from the internet. 1. Do you consider online terms of service to be “contracts of adhesion” or “unconscionable” (discussed on pages 319-20 of our course text)? Why or why not? (2 points)2. The authors of the article point to online terms of service as evidence that tech companies have become too powerful. Do you agree? Why or why not? (2 points)3. The authors makes recommendations to help “reset the balance of power between consumers and tech companies.” What is one change you wish tech companies would make to help accomplish this goal?

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