What does “cultural awareness” mean to you?2

FINAL PROJECT (200 points) DUE Dec 16 This assignment asks you to reflect upon what you’ve learned in this class. Please write a 3 page reflection paper on the following: 1. What does “cultural awareness” mean to you?2. How has your cultural awareness evolved, and what specific aspects of the class contributed to this change? … Read more

Explore the mother-daughter relationship

The many depictions of Medea and her mother Hectare through time are a reflection of a changing society and their views towards women and power. Starting with the earliest versions of Medea myth, show how both her and her mothers characters are altered given relevant cultural context. From its origins to Senecas version. Medea’s myth … Read more

How can the internal mechanics and incentives of data surveillance economy be leveraged by malicious actors for hybrid warfare?

The study will be exploratory in nature with literature review on the prospects of how the contemporary surveillance capitalism practices online can be abused by malicious actors. Primary platforms of research will be Google, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Case studies of well-known incidents will be taken and lessons will be drawn in light of National … Read more