develop an outline for your “Science and Technology.

Outline Development Directions:Follow the directions on page 50-51 to develop an outline for your “Science and Technology” Critical Synthesis with sources essay. AT THE TOP OF THE DOCUMENT: State your topic SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY and the main writing strategy you will follow: Illustration, Cause and Effect, or Argument. Apply the critical synthesis strategies provided for your main strategy at the end of the main strategy chapter. Use my outline template to guide your structure. Reorganize sub-topics accordingly. Outline Drafting Guidelines:Provide bullet points for the introduction. Follow the Directly Stated Thesis model in SFSW Chapter 5 on page 104. SFSW Chapter 3 p. 51 explains the process for developing a thesis statement about your topic: Science and TechnologyEach main idea or sub-topic sentence in your outline must be a complete statement. Subordinate ideas may be bullet points. Each supporting detail must paraphrase the author’s main idea from the article. Evaluate each author’s view by applying Thinking Critically and Ethically concepts relevant for your particular purpose and discussion.SFSW= “Strategies for Successful Writing”EW= “Easy Writer”

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