Discuss Globalization of contemporary Art.

Globalization of contemporary Art – SUBJECT OF PAPER• Slide One – title of exhibition, your name, your area of interest (optional), specific class information.• Slide Two – list of slides by title and artist’s name.• Slide Three – Juror statement. This is an original statement explaining your intent. It should be at leastthree sentences long and explain how your show is arranged. (See example in PowerPoint sample)• Slides Four through Eight – Selected artworks for your exhibition and associated metadata.EACH ARTWORK PAGE MUST INCLUDE:1. Title, artist, date of creation, media, location/country of origin IN LIST FORMAT. Please don’t make meread through the summary and try to pick out this information. It should be listed in the same order oneach slide and easily identifiable.2. Where work can be found (not just where you found the info/image)

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