Discuss scientific findings critically with their peers.

Current Issues Student Presentations The “current issues” assignment is designed for you to learn how to critically evaluate primary literature and present your research into a specific scientific issue related to the environment. Assignment Objectives: Following completion of this assignment, students should be able to:1.Discuss scientific findings critically with their peers2.Have a broad understanding of different fields within environmental science3.Effectively communicate to their peers the major findings, limitations, and logical next steps related to research on a specific environmental topic.Directions for this assignment:•For presenting a scientific topic of your choosing, you must include 2 peer-reviewed studies (primary research is the actual experimentation done by scientists). Please provide background information relevant to your topic and explain the significance of the articles to research in this area. Presentations should contain original figures (as well as other supporting figures or short videos) from these studies with the proper citations. Remember to thoroughly explain figures so everyone can understand. Copying and pasting is considered plagiarism.
•In addition to the two peer-reviewed research articles you will be discussing, there must be a minimum of 3 other supporting peer-reviewed articles (these do not have to be primary research).

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