Explain what the IRB is and its purpose.

Explain what the IRB is and its purpose.•Briefly describe the historical study (~1-2 paragraphs) and its aims (what it studied; identify and describe the phenomenon researched).•Discuss in detail why this experiment is unethical (refer to the section in your text about conducting ethical research which lists specific terms you should incorporate {general principles}). This should be the most in-depth portion of the assignment. You must identify specific components of ethical research as discussed in your text or other materials.•It is required that you identify and bold the 5 General Principles. These are the principles that you relate to the historical and current studies. Which were violated by the historical study and how.•Briefly describe the current online study in which you participated and how it adhered to current ethical standards. You should address (identify, define, and explain how the study “covered” them) all the ethical principles of the IRB.•Write a short reflection of your participation in the online study you’ve chosen, specifically how research participation has increased your understanding of the field of psychology.•If your text does not include ethical research standards and information, please refer to the American Psychological Association’s webpage for this information. http://www.apa.org/ethics/code/index.aspx

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