How did Minnesotans challenge the social and cultural norms of their times? In what ways did they express this

You can focus on one particular decade or time period, overall themes or concepts, or one city or town through the years.”You do not have to answer all of the sub-questions and they are by no means all of the things that you can consider when writing your paper – these are meant to navigate you towards forming your own written responses, to consider how things have (or have not) changed over time, and construct guideposts between the Introduction and Conclusion paragraphs of your essay.”What were “traditional” roles for women, minorities, immigrants, and children 50 years ago (1970)? 100 years ago (1920)? 200 years ago (1820)? 300 years ago (1720)?What were the outcomes of their chosen methods of social or cultural resistance?What trends in civil rights, gender equality, and workers’ rights existed throughout the time periods we studied? Was this unique to Minnesota? How did those above groups gain representation in legal or legislative spaces?What actions could or have been taken to reconcile deficiencies between minorities, women, and laborers vs. business owners or executives?If you have any questions feel free to ask!

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