Identify a specific goal – what do you want to see happen in regards to your problem?

1.Summary of the problem and potential solutions a.Statement of the problem – in one paragraph, provide a brief statement of the problem, the causes and the consequences of the problem. Students should use the Social Problem Memo (incorporating feedback from the instructor) to provide a concise, research-based introduction to the issue at the basis of the advocacy proposal. b.Potential solutions – in one to two paragraphs, provide a summary of what research says can be done to address the problem. c.Rationale – in one paragraph, state why this issue is urgent to address and why it is of importance as social workers. This is where you will make your case that this is a problem that needs to be fixed utilizing a policy change approach.d.Statement of your vision – what would the world look like if this problem is fully addressed (this is not just an absence of a problem, but rather a statement of what life will look like for the population of focus after the policy change is implemented)2.Policy Change Proposala.Identify a specific goal – what do you want to see happen in regards to your problem?b.Identify at least two policy change options that would allow you to reach this goal? Remember that policy changes can include: an amendment of an existing policy, a new policy, changes to enforcement or funding, or repeal of an existing policy. c.Clearly state your policy change recommendationi.Clearly explain your rationale – why is this the best option (cost, feasibility, effectiveness)? What will this change strategy achieve that the other option(s) will not? What is the expected outcome of this change?3.Advocacy Activitiesa.Identify your team – what co-workers, agencies, coalitions, or other organizations will you partner with to b.Identify key decision-makers – what the legislative body, organization, or community in which this change will take place? Who are the specific individuals that you will seek to partner with as a sponsor of this change? Why will you seek the support of this individual?c.Activities to gain supporti.Identify what you will do to gain the attention and support of the key decision-makers1.How will you communicate with/reach out to the legislative body, organization, or community? These should be a variety of activities (town hall meetings, individual meetings, lobbying/advocacy days, etc.) geared toward gaining support of different key decision-makers identified above that engage your team membersii.Identify other groups from whom you would like to solicit support and provide a rationale for why you think their support is key. 1.How will you communicate with/reach out to these groups? These should be a variety of activities (rallies, petitions, public service announcement, campaigns)d.Activities for evaluation – briefly identify how, after it is implemented, you will know if you policy change is effective

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