Information Management.

1:Conduct a literature review that critically discuss the concept of a)Information Governance b)Information SecurityAnd their importance in information management. Find and discuss relevant literature. Peer-reviewed literature is preferred. No practitioner literature or blog article.Question 2:After reading the Procter and Gamble case study (attachment of this briefing), critically discuss the role and responsibility of senior leadership in information governance in the context of Procter and Gamble.Question 3:In an organization of your choice (not Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Zara, Walmart), perform a critical analyses of their use of information systems and information technology (including cloud services and social media) and how this impacts on staff development, effective flows of communication, and decision making in the organization.Question 4:Build on your analysis from question #3, critically evaluate possible improvements of the organizations use of information systems with emphasis on staff development in line with organizational goals, effective flows of communication and decision making in the organization.Question 5:Critically analyse the importance of security in information management in the organization you have chosen for question #3 #4

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