Plagues and Peoples in History.

Plagues and Peoples in HistoryPrimary Source Analyses (50%)You will choose five (5) weeks for which you will submit a 2-3 page primary source analysis based on the sources provided in Hammond, Epidemics and the Modern World. Instructions for each week’s analysis will be given in the recorded lecture, and the assignment will be due exactly one (1) week later (due dates are provided on the syllabus). Students are advised to read ahead and take thorough notes ahead of time to enable you to focus during this week on the written analysis itself. Your focus should be on analyzing the assigned primary sources in historical context, based on information gleaned from the text and lectures.This Week#9 Using “3000 Have Influenza at Devens” (pp. 338-339) and “Letter from Camp Devens Mass” (339-340), analyze the social and cultural significance of influenza in these sources. How and why do they differ in their representation of 1918-1919 influenza pandemic?

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