PROMPT:of saint teresa” by gian lorenzo bernini within a theme of “Religious Experiences from Renaissance to Baroque.”

Introduce your assigned works of Art.What is the title of these artworks?Who made them?When were they made? Where were they made? What kind of objects are these artworks?Describe and analyze the Medium (materials) and Scale (size) of the works.What materials were used to create them?What is the significance of such materials?How do the materials affect the final product? What is the size/scale of the works?What does the scale of the works tell you? How does the scale affect the viewer’s experience/perception?Describe some Visual Elements of the work and analyze their effects.COMPOSITION: How is the image composed? What impression does the composition make on the viewer?VIEWPOINT: What is the viewer’s viewpoint? What is the effect of the viewpoint?LINE and SHAPE: What kind of lines and shapes do we see in this work? What effect do the lines and shapes have?COLOR and TEXTURE: What kind of colors and textures are used? What effect do the color and texture have?LIGHT: What kind of light is used? What effect does it have?Think about the “Style” of the works.What is the style of each of the artworks? Do they exhibit the main characteristics of each of the dominant styles, or do they look like exceptions to the rule? List those characteristics. Describe and analyze the Subject Matter and Iconography (symbols that the artist used to tell the story).What is depicted in each artwork?Is there a narrative/story? If so, how is the story communicated? What are the attributes and symbols that are used to express the subject and narrative? Think about the original Purpose of each work.What were or might have been their original locations? What is the significance of each of the locations? Who was or might have been each intended audience? What purpose might each work have originally served? Who commissioned each work?What might have been each patron’s motivation? How did the motivation affect each work?What was the intended message of each artwork? Who benefited from this message? Why was this object or structure made?Finally, think about the Historical Context that helps us to analyze the works.What historical period was each work created in?Which important historical events might have affected each work?What was the structure of society at that time and place?What was the dominant religion at that time and place?How are religion, culture, society, and historical events reflected in each artwork?Think of this as a part of the essay’s conclusion.Can we say that each work contributed to the culture of their time? Explain.Write a thesis statement that argues the comparison and contrast of the two objects within the assigned prompt. The ideal compare and contrast argument will have the “even though” or “although” structure. Try to be very specific.

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