What is Malaysia’s ranking in development as per the Human Development Report?

1.First, summarize and briefly comment on the Human Development Index (HDI) of your topic country. Address questions such as: 1) What is the topic country’s ranking in development as per the Human Development Report? 2) How does the Human Development Report describe your topic country? Is it High/Low/Mediumdevelopment?3) How does your topic country perform under each main indicator of the HDI? 2.Select one of the social problems confronting your topic country. These social problems may include but are not limited to gender inequality, environment, politics, health, education etc. You are expected to focus on one of the issues rather than presenting a comprehensive review of all those socialproblems.Besides describing the social problem, be sure to analyze the social problem by addressing the following questions: 1). What development theory may best explain this social problem, why? 2). In what ways does globalization influence this social problem? 3). How does the government respond to this social problem? Is it effective? Why or why not? You need to cite relevant literature and research to support your opinions.

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