What would be your priorities in terms of HR processes and policies, etc?

The Reflective Task provides you with the opportunity to think and reflect upon your own values and ethics in the context of a human resource management scenario.In the Module titled, Reflective Journal – materials, you have been provided with:Theme 8 from Barbara Bassot’s text, The Reflective JournalMedia articles regarding the Banking Royal Commission; alleged criminal conduct in the banking sector; and integrity issues concerning Banking Executives and employees;Pages 333 – 412 of the Final Report of the Banking Royal Commission regarding the culture, remuneration and governance of banks – including detailed analysis of their various remuneration schemes for employees and Senior Executives; andThe ethical challenge Chapter 6 exercise – Losing our way – how the cult of the KPI has damaged our moral compass.The content of your Reflective Journal must address the following:Your assessment of the values and ethics that guide you in relation to your decision-making processes;An exploration of how your values and ethics may or may not be challenged in the environments considered in the materials provided;Analysis and evaluation of what you would do if you were a newly-appointed HR Director at one of the banks where you have been instructed to implement cultural change in light of the Royal Commission’s findings.What would be your priorities in terms of HR processes and policies, etc?Are there any barriers you anticipate that you would face and how would you overcome them?How would you ensure that your personal values remain resolute in the face of possible unwillingness to change or adapt?

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