Write a paper on .How powerful is Don Quixote?

Write a paper on .How powerful is Don Quixote? In your response, analyze the Knight of the Sorrowful face’s role in this text with respect to his agency: Do the things Don Quixote wants come to fruition? Does he have control over situations? Is he able to affect situations, relationships, or even the world around him in some way? If so, how or why do you see this happening? In other words, what does his power consist of? Is it linguistic? Rhetorical? Is it physical? Psychological? If, on the other hand, you want to argue that he is not powerful, provide examples and support that demonstrate this trend.2.Compare and contrast the “reasonability” of Marcela and Don Quixote, In your response, consider one or more of these questions: How are these two characters unreasonable? How do their respective differences from society help them or hinder them? Do these differences matter? How so? Do they reflect various approaches to living outside of the social norms? How do these similarities or differences add to or effect our readings of the novel as a whole? Of Don Quixote? Of other characters?3.Consider the relationship between Sancho and Don Quixote and analyze their roles in relation to one another. In your response, consider one or more of these questions: What kind of companion is Sancho for Don Quixote? Does this role change as the novel moves on? Does he provide any additional knowledge or information? Is he a foil-type figure, illuminating qualities that are otherwise left implicit in DQ’s character? Does their relationship play a distinct, identifiable role in the novel as a whole?

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