Write a review on the book Drug Prohibition Is The Problem

Read the article “Drug Prohibition Is the Problem: Reflections from a Former Judge” by James P. Gray in the Gale Collection. Then, answer the following questions and interact with your classmates. What are the author’s credentials? Would you consider him to be an expert in this topic, and do you think he is well-informed enough to have convincing ideas about reforming drug prohibition? Why or why not? (Hint: a search for “’James P. Gray’ judge” brings up useful results.)Consider the author’s statement: “As a conservative judge in a conservative county—and as a fairly clean-cut person who had never used illicit drugs—I decided that I was probably in a better position to engage resistant skeptics in an open discussion on this issue than most people.” Would you agree? Why or why not? What are some reasons that the author might believe this?

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