Write an essay on Concept Map and Legend using Kant’s terminology .

For this assignment, I am asking you to develop a presentation using PowerPoint, Prezi, or by drawing an actual map based on one of the following topics1. Reason and emotions. 2. Subjectivity and Identity3. Making Good Actions, Being a Good Person, or Realizing a go4. The nature of beliefs 5. What’s good and what’s right”Instructions:- this is MAP, so you should incorporate bubbles, different kinds of arrows, colors, and include a LEGEND to allow me to understand your connections and why you are making themFor a visual example: https://creately.com/blog/diagrams/ultimate-concept-map-tutorial/- combine at least three of the theories we have analyzed during the semester1. Descartes2. Plato’s Legacy3. Chalmers4. Hume and Induction5. Locke and Goldie – Identity and Narrative Thinking6. Aristotle and Virtue Ethics- include text explaining why the connection was made and what the theory is- include at least three contemporary examples or links to videos- connections can be made because of affinity (similar theories), contrast (radically different points of view), etc. and can include crossings between metaphysics, epistemology, and ethics**Choose one and then pick out three theories that connect to that theme. And then connect three real life examples that you see a connection to those theories. Then make a video where you explain all the different connections in your map. I will accept a wide range of formats. Some have asked to use powerpoint to make a map and that is fine. Though a concept map is not a linear transition from one slide to the next. One real life example might connect to all three theories. Be creative and look for connections. For example, I have recently been thinking about the matrix and how in the pandemic we have all be sequestered to our homes and now our reality is on-line. Though, despite this being the new reality, it doesn’t quite feel real. I could connect this to Chalmers theory and explore whether it challenges his rejection of the skeptical hypothesis or confirms itSeparate page 300 words each (1) Is fairness enough to give us justice? Why or why not?(2) Which theory of justice presented in the video lecture is the best one? Why?Question number 3One of Kant’s categorical imperatives is to never to lie. When everybody lies, it becomes impossible to lie. This has to do with our definition of lying – to tell someone something that is false, but they believe you are telling them something that it is true. If everybody lies, then no one will believe anything that is said is true. Lying becomes an impossibility. This is all just rational reflections on the definition of lying. Kant reflects on whether any contradictions arise if we were to universalize lying, and he does find this contradiction. So, Kant has argued lying is always morally wrong. Or, the reverse, you should always tell the truth. At the beginning of the pandemic, Dr. Anthony Fauci told the public is was not necessary to wear a mask and that the general public should NOT wear masks as was already customary in some other countries. As we all know, months later, masks became one our best defenses against catching and spreading Covid-19, though they are a controversial tool and many refuse to wear them.A question was posed by politicians and others – did Dr. Fauci lie? He said many things in his early statements and it is difficult to really make a definitive determination. One thing he did say in the early interviews was that there were limited masks and they should be reserved for the sick and the front-line hospital workers caring for the sick. There was mask deficit in the beginning, particularly the most protective level of mask – N95s. Just about every hospital was desperate to get these masks.-Here is a link that considers the question of whether Dr. Fauci lied. Spoiler, the article decides Fauci didn’t lie, but he did seem to give a mixed message in the beginning.https://www.statesman.com/story/news/politics/2020/12/29/did-anthony-fauci-lie-masks-march-marco-rubio-said/4068162001/ let’s say Dr. Fauci did lie. And he lied because he was trying to save lives. If everyone ran out and bought the most protective masks that they could find, there would have been none for the doctors and nurses and hospital support staff. If they succumbed to the virus at higher levels, our hospital system would have broken down, and the virus would have run even more rampant than it did. It is unimaginable that we have had over 500,000 deaths in this country, but what if it had been 33 million (about 10% of the country).Kant Argues that it is always morally wrong to lie. Did Dr. Fauci (for the sake of this discussion) do something morally wrong?I want to read your thoughts and whether you agree with or disagree with Kant.. I will be looking for proper use of Kant’s terminology.

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