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Length: Your presentation from the introduction to the last detail should be a minimum of 8 minutes and no longer than 13 minutes. Content: Your goal is to create a presentation that teaches a short story to the “class” (which this semester will be just me behind a screen) that we did not cover in our course.The content of this presentation must include the following:1. Any important historical events surrounding the publication date of the story being discussed.2. a brief biography of the author and any important author themes, styles, etc.3. 1-2 critical article(s) over your story—criticisms of the text by others (what other scholars or lay people have said about a given text). Use the databases on the library website to find these. I always use “Academic Search Complete.”. What do your students need to know about this story. How does it reflect themes, styles, movements, etc.Manner of Presentation: I must be able to hear your voice on the presentation. For example, if you choose to do a power point, you do not have to include visuals of yourself teaching (although that is also allowed), . If you don’t know how to do this, I can help. You may also use Loom for Goggle docs or Keynote. All of these platforms have options to voiceover the presentation.Required:1. Some form of multimedia element (visual presentation) that you will upload to Canvas.2. a typed essay that you will upload to Canvas — Each student will write a 2-page typed, double-spaced, cohesive essay that first considers the story critically and then discusses your interpretation of the story. What was your connection? What did you learn from it? What did you learn from the course? I need to be able to determine that you actually read the short story. : ) For example, If I chose Poe’s “The Black Cat,” my presentation would cover 19th century historical context, Poe’s biography, Dark Romanticism and Poe’s themes (insanity/sanity, etc.), and a critical article on “The Black Cat.” Then, my essay would provide a brief summary, and then the majority of the essay would be spent discussing things like irony, symbolism, anaphora, how the cat could symbolize the narrator’s alcoholism, etc. Hopefully this example helps you understand how the presentation and essay differ.

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