Create an innovative way to clear a path or driveway of snow.

For this challenge you can imagine that you work at a product design firm. Your boss has said that you can choose from 1 of 7 new client projects (below) and come up with an innovative physical prototype for that client that can be used for a presentation in a week. This prototype should be as functional as possible, but it can be of a different scale and made of different materials than the final product.You can create your physical prototype from any materials you have at home, around your dorm room or campus, or from friends and family. If you have safe access to a 3D printer, or workshop of any kind, you are welcome to use those resources too!!These are your options:1) Create an innovative phone case.2) Create a innovative magic trick or illusion.3) Create an innovative wallet.4) Create an innovative shopping cart.5) Create an innovative way to get a kite or drone that is caught in a tree. 6) Create an innovative way to clear a path or driveway of snow.7) Create an innovative miniature golf obstacle.

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