Develop a project definition and scope that defines the project and articulates the business context for the project.

Assignment Content Important note: You must complete the Select a Business Plan assignment and get approval from your instructor for a business scenario before you begin this assignment. The purpose of the project proposal is to describe a project (i.e., to describe how to automate or improve the automation of a specific business process) and then to explain how completing the project will positively affect the business. Once a project proposal is accepted, project work can begin; therefore, a successful project proposal must include all of the information necessary for stakeholders to make a go/no-go decision, including a statement of scope, a list of the benefits you expect the proposed project to provide, and a rough estimate of how long it will take and how much it will cost to complete the project. For this assignment, you will create a 3- to 4-page project proposal for the business scenario you selected earlier this week and that was approved by your instructor. For your project proposal, be sure to: Complete the Project Proposal Template based on the business scenario you selected (and that was approved by your instructor) earlier this week. If you prefer, you may re-create the template using another software application of your choice, such as Microsoft Excel®. Develop a project definition and scope that defines the project and articulates the business context for the project. Identify problems that the proposed system is expected to solve (or opportunities the proposed project is expected to produce). Create project objectives. Create the project methodology or game plan. Compile a high-level schedule for completing the project scope. Refer to this week’s learning activities for help creating your project proposal.Scenario B:Scenario B: Internet Bank – This (Scenario B) is the scenario I choose to work on.Imagine you work for a start-up company that is launching an internet bank. The internet bank will provide the following financial products and services to its customers:•Accounts and deposits•Credit, debit, and travel cards•Loans•Insurance•Investments•Tax servicesSenior management and investors have identified the following key technical factors for the success of the internet bank:•Scalability: The technology and software application infrastructure must accommodate high growth and new users without impacting the service levels delivered to existing users.•Availability: Users must be supported with robust, consistent, and reliable access; excellent performance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.•Security: Industry-accepted security practices and a multi-level authentication system have to be put in place to authenticate and identify each user before they access their accounts and initiate transactions.•Manageability: The technology and software applications infrastructure must be easy to manage, support, and update.

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