Discuss the Issues of race in contemporary art.

Roberto Matta Requirements for Your Report:Write 500 words or more for this assignment.One paragraph should discuss using art to convey a message about Race.One paragraph should discuss one of the Artists you choose from the list attached above (Label your Research with the Artist’s name. Please note: first come, first choice. Artists may NOT be duplicated!The final paragraph should discuss the effect of the artist’s work on a viewer of the same and/or a different race.Does this invite dialog about the message or preconceived thought?Does this artist use issues in a factual or satirical way?What type of art does this artist do?What movement is this artist associated with?Embed images to illustrate your ideas. Make sure to cite sources.Questions to consider include:What was the Race or Issue?What was its purpose and the result of the artworks?Why was this subject presented by the artist?What did the rest of the world think of this artist’s work and what is the anticipated dialog?Why did you select this artist?Tell us about the artist and one or two specific works.What style of art is this art?Did you find the work offensive or engaging? Did you think about the issues after your research?What happened to your perception of this issue as a result of the exhibition?How did this artist affect the USA and the art scene here?

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