Explain how the short story “The Yellow Wallpaper” reinforces “traditional” gender roles.

Examine the setting from “The Yellow Wallpaper,” and argue how it reinforces “traditional” gender roles. EXAMPLE: (Women as a housewife and confined to the will of the man, Men are the providers, workers and have the power. How these gender roles can make women feel powerless and trapped.)-A strong introduction with a quality hook and a clear thesis that illustrates your main point-Clear topic sentences that tell the reader what to expect in each body paragraph-Specific textual examples in the body paragraphs that support and expand on the thesis-Fluid paraphrased/quoted material integration over the course of the essay-The use of at least 1 legitimate outside source-A conclusion that restates your thesis and provides an effective recap of the essay’s key points-An essay that is mostly free of distracting and confusing grammar errors-The essay is written in correct MLA format

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