Identify and create a consistent position on education and schooling.

Objectives:Identify and create a consistent position on education and schooling. Formulate and support a thesis through accurate evidence and documentation. Research, collect, and assess scholarly information about standard practices within the chosen major field of study. Present written information clearly, logically, and critically. Create an audience-appropriate document that exhibits clarity and organization Compose an essay based on your philosophy of education. Apply what you have learned in this class to help support your viewpoint. 2. Follow the format of a five sentence paragraph for each paragraph: topic sentence, three supporting details, concluding sentence. Writing style should be at the level required of juniors in college. Conveying the content in an accurate and concise style that develops each concept is needed. Complex sentences, proper grammar and usage, appropriate punctuation and capitalization are the basics of good writing and should be observed as well.2: What is knowledge and understanding? (epistemology) Paragraph 3: What is worth knowing? (content/curriculum)Paragraph 4: What does it mean to learn? (learning and instruction)Paragraph 5: How do you know that learning has taken place? (assessment)Paragraph 6: What should be the role of the teacher?Paragraph 7: What should be the role of the student?Paragraph 8:What is the ultimate purpose of education? (social, economic, political, intellectual)Paragraph 9: What are your core educational values?

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