Improving the Machining Process of the Metalworking Industry Using the Lean Tool SMED Carlos Monteiroa, Luís P.

Use this article- Improving the Machining Process of the Metalworking Industry Using the Lean Tool SMED Carlos use the attached checklistList them 1-12 no other titlesLeedy and Ormrods Checklist1. Source: Where did you find the research article? In what type of publication does it appear? Is that publication refereed?2. Topic: Does the article have a stated research problem, question, or hypotheses? Can you determine the focus of this author’s work?3. Literature Review: Does the article contain a section that outlines and reviews previous studies on this topic? Is this previous work relevant to the research problem?4. Population and sample: How did the researchers define their population for the study? How did they select their sample group (random, stratified, intentional, convenience, etc.)? Is the sample representative of the group to which results are generalized?5. Procedure: What type of data collection was employed (survey, experiment, quasi-experiment, interviews, document analysis, etc)?6. Data: Did the authors collect and analyze data (primary analysis), or does it describe and synthesize other studies in which data were collected (secondary analysis)? Was the data quantitative or qualitative?7. Replicability: Did the author(s) explain their procedures used in the study? Are these procedures clear enough that you could repeat the work and to confirm their results? What additional information might be helpful for you to replicate the study?8. Statistics: Were the statistical tests used appropriate and clearly reported?9. If data were collected, can you describe how they were collected and how they were analyzed? Do you agree with what was done? What additional things would you have done if you had been the researcher?10. Results: Were the results presented in a clear way and easily comprehended? Do you agree with the interpretation of the results? Why or why not?11. Organization: Is the article logically organized and easy to follow? What could have been done to improve its organization?12. Overall: Finally, reflect over the entire article. What is, for you, most important? What do you find most interesting? What do you think are the strengths and weaknesses of this article? Will you remember this article in the future? Why or why not?

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