Terrorists use forms of asymmetrical war against soft targets. What does this mean in terms of what terrorists are trying to accomplish and how they pick their targets?

1.  Terrorists use forms of asymmetrical war against soft targets.  What does this mean in terms of what terrorists are trying to accomplish and how they pick their targets?2.  Describe the differences between revolutionary dissident terrorism and nihilistic dissident terrorism.  What are the ideological differences between these groups?   Give an example of each from the text readings.3.  Dissident terrorism comes in two general forms:  anti-state and communal.  What are the differences between these two forms of dissident terrorism?4.  How is international terrorism different from dissident terrorism?  What are the goals of international terror, and why are they different than what dissident terrorists are doing?5.  The Japanese terror group Aum Shinrikyo used a primary religious motivation for their terrorism, while a group like Al Qaeda or ISIS uses a secondary religious motivation to justify their acts of terror.  Explain the differences between primary and secondary motivations, using these terror groups as examples.part 2Jihad is a very misunderstood term, both by people in the West and by Radical Islamist terrorists that use a warped version of their faith to attack innocents — both non-believers (kafir) and people they unilaterally, and unlawfully, declare to be “apostates” from Islam (takfir.)  That said, terror leaders like Osama bin Ladin often issue a fatwa — a legal ruling that can only be authoritative if given by a Muslim jurist in an Islamic court, or by a recognized authority in Islam — that will order followers to commit terror acts.  Such a fatwa given by a terrorist is non-binding and illegal in Islam.  Consider Osama bin Ladin’s “fatwa” against the United States, issued in 1998, which only was recognized as “valid” by his twisted followers and those he was trying to radicalize to the cause of Al Qaeda. After looking over all the material in this module, consider the following two questions:1.  How do Islamist terrorists misuse the terms jihad, kafir and takfir to justify their lack of a moral compass and debased acts of shocking violence against innocents, both Muslim and non-Muslim?2.  As a person like Osama bin Ladin or a group like ISIS has no ability to issue a lawful fatwa against anyone and declare a nation or group the subject of a jihad, why do you think radicalized people are willing to accept it as valid and so commit atrocious acts against civilians?  Why do you think these terrorists are following this irrational and illegal path?links:https://www.smithsonianmag.com/history/a-lesson-in-hate-109822568/https://vimeo.com/207934436https://www.vox.com/2015/2/18/8060543/what-is-boko-haramhttps://www.thedailybeast.com/aum-shinrikyo-the-japanese-killer-cult-that-wanted-to-rule-the-world

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