What is MIDI and what is its value to musicians/composers?

What is MIDI and what is its value to musicians/composers?Bach’s “Well-Tempered Clavier”: What is it and what lead him to compose it?Beethoven’s Hair? Summarize the current research into the mysteries of Beethoven’s deafness.Mozart’s piano: what was it like and how has it evolved into today’s instrument. Who were the key players in its evolution?The use of Masonic symbolism in Mozart’s opera, “The Magic Flute”Schumann’s battle for sanity. Describe his mental illness and the impact it had on his music and his professional/domestic life.Clara Schumann: Wonder-Woman!The Jüdische Kulturbund: The life and survival (if only temporary) of Jewish musicians in Nazi Germany.Ragtime: How Scott Joplin became the “Father” of this genre.“Romeo and Juliet” to “Westside Story”: How this theme has been treated in music.The rise of the Music Conservatory in America.Strictly Instrumental: Choose and instrument of interest to you and chronicle its development and primary contributors to its repertoire.Research a living composer or musician in the classical tradition (no rock/rap stars, please)String instruments of the 1700’s and why they are still regarded as better (or are they?) than modern versions.The effect of wars on music or music genres.Folk music and oral tradition; how they have influenced the great composers.The changing role of women in music during the romantic period.Composers and debilitating diseases; did they hinder or help the compositions?

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