The Augmented Reality (AR) Wireframe Challenge.

This Challenge focuses on Low Fidelity Digital Prototyping using what is called Wireframing. If you are interested in doing a deep dive into the whole expanded topic of Digital Prototyping it is covered in detail in pages 99-169 of the textbook (instructions on how to access the book). AR WIREFRAME CHALLENGE INSTRUCTIONS:1) For this Challenge you need to first check out the overview article on Wireframing here: (Links to an external site.)This is a direct link to the super helpful video embedded in the article (8mins): (Links to an external site.)2) Check out the Introduction to Augmented Reality slides here (WARNING: The first option has embedded videos, so opening it (or better yet downloading it) may take a little while longer than past slide sets) : OPTION 1 (embedded videos): Challenge Slides (Links to an external site.) (165MB)OPTION 2

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