What are the functions and dysfunctions of war?

1. Find a recent research study on domestic violence. (It must not be any study that focuses on the Minneapolis DV Experiment or my study in Framingham, MA.) The more recent the study, the better. (1) How was it conducted? (2) Who was sampled and what was the sample size? (3) What were the findings? (4) What are any limitations of the study? (5) What policies, if any, were mentioned by the authors? 2. “Faith-based” prisons (FBP) have been used over the last few decades. Locate a study on FBP and summarize it. How was it conducted? Do you think that these prisons are a good idea? Explain. Should religion be mixed with the state or government? 3. The old expression is, “one man’s terrorist is another’s freedom fighter.” Do you agree? Explain. What are the functions and dysfunctions of war? What are some of the traits of the authoritarian personality? You may find good coverage of this under the work of Adorno. 4. Under what kinds of societal conditions do movements for social change emerge? Describe a societal context that has brought about or could bring about the development of such a movement.

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