What is the issue of offering AI technology as open source to public – cyber security,

The idea of the paper is that Governments are starting to use artificial intelligence technology (computer programs) in providing its public services to citizens. Due to the nature of artificial intelligence that is missing human components and producing automated processes and decisions, this can affect the citizen negatively e.g. in a judge may use AI technology in sentencing and because the AI software may contain inherent biases, it may adversely affect minorities. Or for example when a school system use AI technology to evaluate teachers, a teacher may loose their job and when the teacher who lost their job want to see the technology that decided that the teacher was not performing well, the technology may be protected and the source code may not be released. So I wanted to examine1) how AI is changing government services, public health, policing, sentencing, education etc. Specific AI programs of countries e.g. Finland Aurora AI program2) issues of AI, privacy, biases, incorrect decisions2) how are governments created strategies to ensure proper implementation and ethical use of AI e.g. Europe very citizen centric focusing on citizen rights. Compare and contrast Government National AI strategy e.g. Europe and US, individual European programs3) case study of situations where AI has failed citizens e.g. sitatuion where teacher was fired due to AI evaluation, DNA inaccuracies in the NY system due to AI (this AI program was abandoned)4) discuss making AI technology open source for the public to see and analyse – would this increase transparency and ensure that an AI program can be reviewed and fixed if there are issues? Has AI been offered open source by government and has this made an impact?5) What is the issue of offering AI technology as open source to public – cyber security, issues with national sovereignty, this may not fix the problem of “black box”One important aspect of the paper is analysing national government AI strategies, do you know what that is? If not, then you should not do this paper as it is importantFurther, another important aspect is the analysis of making AI technology ie algorithms, software, open source so governments can ensure transparency, including issues of “Black Box” and AI. Again, this is an important aspect of the paper and if you do not know what this is, then you should not write this paper I have uploaded the proposal for the paper that was submitted for approval.

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