Who were the members of the founding team at Intel?

(1) Who were the members of the founding team at Intel? What was their motivation for starting the company? Is the product that ultimately made them an icon the same one they started out to produce (e.g. did they need to “pivot”)?(2) Pick one company that is based in Silicon Valley that you admire. Please pick a company that is NOT HP, Apple, Google, or Facebook. Who was the founding team? How old where they when they started the venture? What motivated them to start the company?(3) Now imagine you were starting a venture in Silicon Valley. What kind of an idea would you want to pursue? What kind of skills would you need? Please share the name of at least one venture capital firm that invests in that type of firm…Note: Most venture capital firms specialize in specific types of investments or sectors. This allows them to be experts in the markets and technologies they invest in. This information is usually published on their website or is available from the National Venture Capital Association.

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