Write a one page analysis essay of the play “trifles, by Susan Glaspell.

According to your textbook, stage directions are “the playwright’s instructions about how the actors are to move and behave” (1054). Throughout the play Trifles, the stage directions are written in italics and enclosed in parentheses. They are presented sometimes before a character speaks, sometimes during when a character speaks, and sometimes after a character speaks. For example, just before the County Attorney first speaks, the stage directions indicate that he is “(rubbing his hands)” (1038). Stage directions, as the name suggests, are unique to drama; and they provide one of the many pleasures inherent in reading a drama, instead of in watching a drama performed on stage. They can help to establish and develop the elements of plot, character, setting, point of view, theme, and tone throughout a play.First, reread the play Trifles carefully, following especially what the stage directions indicate about all of the elements of the play mentioned above. You might take brief notes during this rereading. Concentrate especially on how the stage directions help to establish and develop that one element of the play of most interest to you.In the first body paragraph, describe and otherwise explain that one element of the play that you will consider in this analysis. Adopt an especially narrow focus for this purpose: for example, just one aspect of one character’s development in the play, or just one aspect of plot, or just one aspect of tone. As you describe and explain that element, make the case that the element is somehow significant to the play.In the next two body paragraphs, consider two different stage directions that help to establish and develop that particular element of the play: one stage direction in each body paragraph. What exactly is the stage direction? And precisely how does that stage direction help to establish and develop that element? As is always the case, careful thought and originality will work in your favor. (Again, always try to enjoy what you do and engage with what you do.)

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