Discuss Cultural Values and Cultural Change.

Cultural Values and Cultural ChangeA central focus of Writing Women’s Worlds is the extended patrilineal family structure of the Bedouin, the ground of everyone’s experiences. These family groups are “the nexus of individual identity and personal development, and the object of great love and loyalty, along with inevitable conflict.” (p.xvi). This was true for both women and men.We have talked about how values are embedded in social structures, and social structures are infused with values.We have also talked about how individuals inhabit these social structures differently, and push against them when they are constraining; we have talked about how social structures change as circumstances change and the old ways don’t work so well anymore. Please describe how Kamla is working both within and against the traditional Bedouin family structure; what she insists on maintaining and what she would like to change in terms of the way Bedouin girls and women are able to live their lives. What does she want that she cannot have within the traditional family structure, and what does she have to fight hardest against to achieve those things? Please be as specific as you can be with respect to the social structures and cultural values that we have discussed: patrilineality, polygyny, patrilateral parallel cousin marriage, honor and shame. (approx. 3 pages)Do you think WWW succeeds in challenging the trope of “oppressed Muslim women” that Abu-Lughod wants so much to counter ? What in this book enabled you to see Bedouin women in a more nuanced way ? What seemed to reinforce those stereotypes for you ? What would you want to know that would help you to understand the experience of these women better ?

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