Discuss how Plastic Production Pollutes Small Towns.

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Assignment based on the following video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OFMau-t3QaIReflect on the statement below and answer the questions about the video that follow.Critics object to the “How Plastic Production Pollutes Small Towns” video’s “negative” portrayal of big business, inaccuracies, and oversimplification. Even if you agree with Leonard’s main point—that “we buy far too much, and that this is bad for us, for others, and for the earth”—you may find the video unnecessarily confrontational. While it would be great to have “a system that doesn’t waste resources or people… sustainability, equity, renewable, local living economy…”, one could wonder how to make this happen.Is our current system all bad?Are there good things? If so, what are they?Are you willing to give up your modern conveniences to enhance our planet? Why or why not?What can be realistically done to improve our environment as described by Annie?

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