Discuss the relevance of the research findings to individual or social issues that are present at the agency you chose.

For your final internship paper, you will choose a major Houston-area non-profit agency whose mission, purpose, and/or clientele interest you. Examples of major Houston-area non-profits include:Montrose CenterCommunities in Schools, HoustonBakerRipleyThe BeaconIslamic Society of Greater HoustonInterfaith MinistriesHouston Humane SocietyKids in Need of DefenseStar of Hope MissionHouston Area Women’s CenterDePelchin Center**Other non-profits may be acceptable, but you must contact me first to obtain permission to use a non-profit not on this list. You may not use a non-profit that was part of our Speaker Series.After you have chosen your non-profit, you should research it extensively (and, yes, you can even call the agency to get a more in-depth perspective on what they do). Then you will write a 5-6 page paper with the following sections:Part 1: Overview (one page)You will start your paper with a summary of the agency’s operations, including its history, mission, structure, funding, and objectives.Part 2: Services (one page)Describe the type and extent of services that the agency offers, along with a description of the population (type of client) that the agency serves.Part 3: Applying Research (2-3 pages)Identify five peer-reviewed research articles that apply to your internship site. For example, if your agency was a hospice, you would identify research articles that deal with death and dying, palliative care, or other hospice-related topics. If your agency was an after-school program you would identify research articles that have to do with how after school enrichment activities benefit children developmentally.**You MUST identify these articles through the library databases, such as PsychInfo or Academic Search Complete. You may NOT use google, yahoo, or any other general internet search.You MUST use research articles (i.e., articles that present the results of a research study). You may NOT use general opinion articles, theoretical articles, or any other type of articles. You may NOT use newspaper, magazine, blog, or any other type of non-peer-reviewed article.Using your research articles, you will:Describe the research study that was done (What was the research question? What was the sample and method that was used? What were the findings of the study?).Discuss the relevance of the research findings to individual or social issues that are present at the agency you chose. In other words, you will discuss how this research is pertinent to your agency’s work and/or clients. *The point of this requirement is for you to demonstrate that you can apply research findings to real-life individual or social issues. Re-read your work to make sure you are meeting this goal.Part 4: Conclusion (one paragraph)Conclude your paper with a summary of the agency’s importance to the community and how clients’ lives may be affected/improved by interactions with the agency.Additional RequirementsFormat:Papers should be typed, double-spaced in 12-point Time New Roman font with one-inch margins. A cover page and/or abstract is not necessary. Students should carefully and fully proofread their papers for grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Students who are not strong writers should consider taking their paper to the Writing Center and submitting the receipt with their paper.APA reference format:• Please note that ALL text references and your reference page should be in APA style (papers not in APA reference style will have a point reduction). Students tend to lose unnecessary points due to not following APA reference style. Don’t let this be you–APA reference style is only about formatting (it is easy once you get the hang of it!).• For those of you not familiar with APA reference style, you should either consult an APA style manual in the library, or the following sites can give you useful guidance:https://owl.purdue.edu/owl/research_and_citation/apa_style/apa_formatting_and_style_guide/general_format.htmlPlagiarism:A note on plagiarism: It is very easy to be tempted to plagiarize on this paper—DON’T DO IT! Writing for this class must be yours and only yours—completely original and written for the first time by you. Any words (including direct quotes and paraphrasing) that are not fully and completely the result of your own individual thought process must be cited using APA format. If plagiarism is found in your paper, you will receive zero points for your paper, and possibly a failing grade in the class and/or an Academic Honesty report. Your paper will be checked using Turnitin..Quotes:You may not use any direct quotes in this paper. ANY paper that has direct quotes (whether they are properly cited or not) will have deductions. ANY paper that features more than 10% of its body as direct quotes (whether properly cited or not) may receive a zero for the assignment.

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