How do the visuals complement or contradict the text?

How do the visuals complement or contradict the text? then respond to Hello class,I chose to analyze page 7 of “Fun Home.” The first thing that comes from the panel is the daughter exclaiming she hates pink and flowers which verifies the father’s unknowing fatherly nature. He doesn’t know the personality of his daughter. This aligns well with the text. The text is proposing the role the father plays in the Icarus and Daedalus analogy, claiming Daedalus was a master of his craft and answered to no one. The panels depict that as he is ignoring the input from his daughter and only focused on the views as a designer towards his house and the passion he has. Another instance of this “answer to nobody” is the next art panel. The father is at his job as a literature teacher where he is clearly ignoring his duties and reading stories about historical renovation. The final panel depicts the father carrying a support beam to a house with the house silhouette in the background behind him. This has a lot of content to unpackage. A symbol of what the father is not, the support beam shows he carries the ability to be a good father but just won’t display it. The other part is the house in the background. Throughout the story no other figure is characterized by a silhouette besides the father in some of his worst moments. Such as throwing angry fits and hitting his children. This is a way to symbolize the enabling features the house is given as the father invests more time into the house than to his family. The text printed beside the father in that panel is “Libidinal. Manic. Martyred.” This is again reinforcing the so called “passion” the father has towards this house that he uses to ignore the family.I choose page 15 in the novel mainly because it shows how different these two character are. The narration box at the top of each panel is a great choice of examples to the pictures. The first panel shows her being a solider (spartan) and her father trying to read a book about understanding the human body (Athenian). The second panel shows the room being decorated in a Victorian style way, and then the son throwing garbage in a modern style trash can. The third panel shows her not caring what she is wearing but her father is more of ordinary man when it came to his clothes and not drawing to much attention to himself. The last panel with the wording Utilitarian to his aesthete, the image is perfect for this. The child not appreciating the beautiful nick knack and the father loves it but expresses it in a very plain way. These four images showcase all the relationships he has with his kids. As a father we want to share our children to our interests so we can develop a deeper bond with them, but when they don’t show an the same level of interest or appreciation for what we cherish, we can feel disappointed, frustrated, and start to distance ourselves from them. It doesn’t mean we love them any less, but we definitely don’t show our love enough. Everyone of the panels shows the frustration on the father’s face and that leads to how the children see him

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