How is the Caribbean understood in relations of power to the core?

1. Terms such as “underdeveloped” or “third world” might suggest the Caribbean is a peripheral appendage to continental world geographies. How is the Caribbean understood in relations of power to the core? Why is the Caribbean important to our understanding of flows of power?2. Christopher Columbus thought he had found a short cut to the East Indies by sailing across the Atlantic Ocean, but instead he reached the West Indies. As a result, one might argue that the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea share connections or similarities. What might a focus on island- ness help us to understand about ways of knowing and centring island worlds?*SHORT ANSWER:Please select two of the following questions to answer. Response should be half a page (approx. 250-300 words or 3- 5 sentences).3. Why might a commitment to regional thinking across the Caribbean (as opposed to nationally, ie., a single country) be especially important in times of disaster responses?4. Why is the Caribbean considered the birthplace of globalization?5. How has geography (e.g., land size, water, tectonic plates, landscape etc) shaped the way we see the Caribbean, and how might an alternative geographic imagination challenge the limits of that framing?6. Emancipation brought an end to coercive labour systems. True or False?

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