Read Denis G Arnold and Norman E. Bowie “Sweatshops and Respect for Persons” .

Business Ethics Response Paper 2 – Business and Consumers/ Constituencies/ Global Business:For this paper, each student will develop an argumentative research paper based on one of the arguments/ essays discussed across the last 3 sections. Each paper must have an argumentative thesis and focus on 1 issue. Details belowThe textbook used for this assignment should be: Contemporary Issues in Business Ethics (6th Edition) by Joseph R. Desjardins and John J. McCall (Please only accept the assignment if you have can gain access to this, I only have a paper copy on hand.) The topics/sections in the book that can be used in the essay are as follows: -Business and ConsumersRead D&M 275-285Read D&M 313-323-Business and ConsumersRead John J. McCall “Fairness, Strict Liability and Public Policy” D&M 289-291Read George G. Brenkert “Social Products Liability: The Case of Firearms Manufacturers” 291-298Read Steven Kelman “Cost-Benefit Analysis” DM 298-304-Business and ConsumersRead John J. McCall “Deceptive Advertising” D&M 325-330Read Thomas Carson “Deception and Withholding Information in sales” D&M 330-340-Business and ConstituenciesRead Glenn D. Braustein “Let’s Junk Junk-Food Advertising to Kids” D&M 340-348Read Juliet B. Schor “Why Do We Consume So Much?” DM 348-354-Business and ConstituenciesRead DM 361-365Read DM 399-402-Business and ConstituenciesRead Norman Bowie “Morality, Money, and Motor Cars” DM 367-372Read Joseph DesJardins “Sustainable Business: Environmental Responsibilities and Business Opportunities” DM 372-378-Business and ConstituenciesRead William McDonough and Michael Braugart “ The New Industrial Revolution” 378-385Read W. Richard Sherman “The Triple Bottom Line: The Reporting of “Doing Well” & “Doing Good” DM 385-392-Global Business and Human RightsRead Ivan Kolstad “ Human Rights and Positive Corporate duties” D&M 407-416-Global Business and Human RightsRead Ian Maitland :The Great Non-debate Over International Sweatshops” D&M 416-425Read Denis G Arnold and Norman E. Bowie “Sweatshops and Respect for Persons”

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