What are the limits or weaknesses of this power?

Teacher’s Instructions:”Purpose: The purpose of this assignment includes the following:* To research and explain the workings of three salient checks of the three government branches.* To demonstrate critical thinking skills by stating a position and defending it with evidence.* To develop skills of argumentation that will help you write persuasively in the future.* Your Checks & Balances/Critical Thinking Assignment will require you to submit a typed essay evaluating which inter-branch power is the most important to our republic. Note: do not make the case for which branch is most powerful; argue on behalf of which check or balance listed below is the most important.For this exercise, you will be arguing in favor of one of the following checks and balances:* The presidential veto* Impeachment and removal from office by the legislature* Judicial reviewScoring elements of Critical Thinking Rubric are listed before the topical questions below. Your score will be determined by how well you address these elements. The Critical Thinking Rubric is attached to give you clear descriptions of what constitutes addressing each element to earn ratings of poor, fair, good and excellent:To construct a well-organized essay, follow the steps below in order. Make sure to address each question directly and specifically.Step One: Explanation of issues: First, define each of the three checks/balances listed above and describe the specifics of how each one works to be utilized successfully. Use a compare and contrast (Links to an external site.) format to accomplish this. Example: “The Congress has the power of _____, for Congress to use this successfully, the first step is…”Step Two: Assert a position/analysis presented (perspective, thesis/hypothesis): Why is the check/balance you chose the most essential to our republic? What is it designed to accomplish, and how does it do so? What are the limits or weaknesses of this power? What about the power you chose as most important makes it more necessary to a functional republic than the other two? Example: “___ is the most important goal of the federal government. [The check] ___ is the most important check in accomplishing this as it___…”

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