Write a Free flow of information and copyright

The sub-theme is free flow of information and copyright For this assignment you choose an article from an academic journal, and prepare a Powerpoint presentation as if you were going to present it. The chosen article must represent substantial academic research, and its content must have an evident relation to the sub-theme. You give a fair representation of the article and comment upon it. You are not asked to give a full summary – you must show that you understand the text and its relevance for the sub-theme, and that you are able to put this across by way of a presentation.On the ‘slide-level’ there must be at least eight slides with bulleted information. Avoid stretches of text and quotes. Start with a full Chicago author-date style reference to the article. End with a statement, that would lend itself for discussion. You’re invited to use graphics or (moving) images etc. as long as it helps you to convey your message.On the ‘notes-level’ you must write down how you would conduct your presentation, in a way that the instructor can follow your line of thought, in combination with the bulleted text on the slides.To be sure, you are not required to actually deliver this presentation, but you might be asked ‘in class’ to say something about it (not assessed/graded)Assessment criteria: within the larger context of the portfolio the following criteria apply:Choice of the article: relevance, academic quality and status, originality of choiceQuality of the presentation (content, slides level)Quality of the underlying argumentation (content, notes level)Other aspects of the presentation (effectiveness, esthetics)Language and referencing

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