Write an analysis of effects in current day•

Write an analysis of effects in current day• Analyzes existence and impact of these effects in the current day. • Provides examples to support the analysis. /30 pts. ConclusionsDraws thoughtful and informed conclusions about the slave trade and its effects on the selected country /10 pts. Recommendations• Provides recommendations that are prioritized to respond to key findings and conclusions. • Recommendations include specific interventions/strategies to address the issues and constraints identified. • Recommendations are feasible (politically and operationally) and realistic (short and long-term). /25 pts. Writing Quality & Accurate Attribution• Writing is clear, well-articulated and free of grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors. • Information sources (a minimum of two) utilized are clearly identified, properly cited and referenced using APA Style /25 pts. Submission Length & APA FormatPaper length is as per assignment requirements, is double-spaced, and includes a title page, reference page, running head and page numbers. /5 pts Total /150 pts.