The US History Since 1877.

Part 1: identification Terms- Each ID has two parts: A basic definition of the term including who, what , where, when, why , and the significance of the term, or how it relates to a broader historical theme and/ or event. AT least 4 to 5 sentences.1.Port Huron Statement2. Free Speech Movement3.La Raza Unida4. Stone wall5. Watergate6. Iran-Contra7. Liberation Theology9. NAFTA10. The Battle Of Seattle11 . Patriot Act12. TARP13.Pan Arabism14. Mujahadeen15. Ken State(1970)Part 2: Essay Form- You need to write 3/4 page discussion each topic fully.You must reference with author’s name.1. The effects of Watergate on US politics and culture.2. Connections between previous civil rights/ social justice movements , and response from main streams media, and government relations of those to today’s issues.3. The historical reason for Anti- Americanism in the Middle East.4.The long- term legacies of the social movement in the 160’s: Civil right, Black Power, Chicano Movement, Women Liberation, Gay Liberation, Antiwar Movement.

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